I would highly encourage anyone to take the Church Hill bike tour and get a little more acquainted with our local history, some out of this world food, very comfy cruiser bikes, and outdoor fun.

Church Hill Signature Tour

Explore Richmond's most historic neighborhood and experience the modern cultural renaissance of  this diverse district.  Our this tour of historic Church Hill, you will learn about the neighborhood where Richmond was founded through the lives of its most memorable residents.    As you ride, you will also experience some of Richmond’s delicious eats and amazing views in this beautiful and historic city. Some of the characters you discover along the way include its celebrated and sometimes overlooked heroes.    

Come and taste the neighborhood with Richmond Rides! 


Tour Length: 2 Hours

Ability level: EASY, Flat Course

Food: 1 Snack Stops included in tour price

Start Location: 414 N 29th St., Richmond, VA

PRICE :$49