Meet Our Guides: Joseph Bromfield, Operations Manager and Guide

When you aren’t guiding a Richmond Rides tour, what are you doing?

Doing historical reenactments as Patrick Henry with St. John's Church Foundation, teaching in RPS with the Richmond Performing Arts Alliance, slinging snoballs around town for Sara Lou's Snoballs, rehearsing for a show, or just reading Game of Thrones on a rock somewhere in the James River.  


Favorite historical person from RVA and why?

Motoaka / Pocahontas / Rebecca is pretty doggone impressive. To have the guts to stand up to your powerful father, adopt a new culture, and make the harrowing journey across the Atlantic and meet with foreign dignitaries is pretty impressive -- especially in the early 17th century!


Must see stop for someone visiting RVA and why?

In the summer -- as close to the James River as possible. In the winter --Carytown and the historic Byrd Theatre for a $4 movie!


Favorite food spot in RVA ?

Goatocado. Food that tastes great and makes you feel even better!


Thing you would most like to see RVA change in the next 50 years?

Public transportation and the city's road conditions. Though the new Pulse express bus service is a great start, and it's super easy to get bikes on and off.


Favorite part of being a RR guide?

All the people I get to meet! (And all the gelato I get to eat.)


Favorite places to explore in RVA?  

Pumphouse Park and the all the different trails around the James River.