What is Public Health?



Ever wondered what Public Health means?   Our local public health office wanted to move beyond public health announcements and made a video about it! We were honored to be included in this video entitled "What is Public Health?" Fellow Church Hillian Elaine O'Dell features folks from all over the city demonstrating what public health is- from exercise, to healthy food, to biking, to regular checkups and disease prevention. Not only is it a great video about public health, it also shows a wonderful cross section of Richmond.   We biked around Chimborazo Park with some of our munchkins.  The whole video is inspiring, educational, and fun. Check us out from 1:55-2:08  and again at 2:53-2:56.   Folks from all around Church Hill are included in the video including students from Woodville Elementary and Dr. Danny Avula who calls Church Hill home. Dr Avula asks all of us to post pictures to social media with the #thisispublichealthrva to win some great prizes. So go out and get started! If you're inspired to get on a bike-- our tours offer a great way to get out there!