Meet Our Guides: Joseph Bromfield, Operations Manager and Guide

When you aren’t guiding a Richmond Rides tour, what are you doing?

Doing historical reenactments as Patrick Henry with St. John's Church Foundation, teaching in RPS with the Richmond Performing Arts Alliance, slinging snoballs around town for Sara Lou's Snoballs, rehearsing for a show, or just reading Game of Thrones on a rock somewhere in the James River.  


Favorite historical person from RVA and why?

Motoaka / Pocahontas / Rebecca is pretty doggone impressive. To have the guts to stand up to your powerful father, adopt a new culture, and make the harrowing journey across the Atlantic and meet with foreign dignitaries is pretty impressive -- especially in the early 17th century!


Must see stop for someone visiting RVA and why?

In the summer -- as close to the James River as possible. In the winter --Carytown and the historic Byrd Theatre for a $4 movie!


Favorite food spot in RVA ?

Goatocado. Food that tastes great and makes you feel even better!


Thing you would most like to see RVA change in the next 50 years?

Public transportation and the city's road conditions. Though the new Pulse express bus service is a great start, and it's super easy to get bikes on and off.


Favorite part of being a RR guide?

All the people I get to meet! (And all the gelato I get to eat.)


Favorite places to explore in RVA?  

Pumphouse Park and the all the different trails around the James River.

Richmond's Best Startups? *Updated!

We are super excited to be a contestant for the ie-rva Best Startup Competition.  It started three years ago and has been supporting RVA's startups ever since. This year's competition is fierce. From Fresh Assist Natural Backside cleanser (Get clean in between!) to RIver City Romance: Richmond's only dating consulting company to delicious pudding from Pudding Please, we've never seen a more diverse field.   Voting started today and continues through Thursday April 23. Please Vote for Richmond Rides Here The top 10 contestants receiving the most votes are guaranteed a spot in the competition at Richmond's  Center Stage on May 12.  We want to be one of those 10 finalists with a chance at $22,000 in prize money and a chance to share Richmond Rides' story more broadly.   Please vote for us and spread the word on social media! 


More gritty details about the competition: 10 of the Finalists will be selected by online public vote.

Rules of voting: 

Online public voting begins Tuesday, April 21st at 9 a.m. and CONTINUES THROUGH Thursday, April 23rd at 11 p.m.  

Voting will open each day at 9 a.m. and close that day at 11 p.m.  You can vote once per day from distinct IP addresses. (ie phone, computer, ipad, itouch, apple watch, tablet, palm pilot, etc) 

 No robo-voting. I know you were planning on creating a robo-voting program to help Richmond Rides win, but please refrain.  

But you CAN  may vote for Richmond Rides from multiple devices per day.  

Thanks for your support! 


On Friday we got the news that RIchmond RIdes was one of 7 finalists in the startup competition! On May 12 we will compete with 7 other finalists for cash prizes.  Thank you for your support! 


What is Public Health?



Ever wondered what Public Health means?   Our local public health office wanted to move beyond public health announcements and made a video about it! We were honored to be included in this video entitled "What is Public Health?" Fellow Church Hillian Elaine O'Dell features folks from all over the city demonstrating what public health is- from exercise, to healthy food, to biking, to regular checkups and disease prevention. Not only is it a great video about public health, it also shows a wonderful cross section of Richmond.   We biked around Chimborazo Park with some of our munchkins.  The whole video is inspiring, educational, and fun. Check us out from 1:55-2:08  and again at 2:53-2:56.   Folks from all around Church Hill are included in the video including students from Woodville Elementary and Dr. Danny Avula who calls Church Hill home. Dr Avula asks all of us to post pictures to social media with the #thisispublichealthrva to win some great prizes. So go out and get started! If you're inspired to get on a bike-- our tours offer a great way to get out there!